Why You Should Never "Troll" Anyone?


Why You Should Never "Troll" Anyone

Are you one of those who mock others on social media for no reason? Have you ever commented "noob" on a photo of a person or roasted him? Are you one of the "trolls" on social media who think it is cool to be one? 

You need to stop!

Here's why-
Social media had brought everyone closer. Closer in the sense, anyone can message anyone and talk to them. It has become so easy that people are misusing this facility provided to them. These people identify themselves as the so-called "trolls" who want to act cool but in fact, become a burden to everyone. Who are the "trolls"? Trolls are people who mock others and roast others on social media platforms for no reason at all just because they get fun out of it. They destroy other people's happiness in order to get fun. This is bad and it should be stopped soon. Everyone has experienced this. You upload a harmless image of yourself enjoying and someone comments rude things about you, your body, or something which makes you feel self-conscious. 

Cyberbullying is another form of this. In cyberbullying, people can go to any lengths possible. They can give death threats or blackmail the person etc. 

Bullying means harassing someone either mentally or physically. Bullying can affect seriously a person's mind. Some people are sensitive, they can take extreme steps when they are bullied. In schools and colleges, bullying is very common. Bullies target people who are weak and cannot defend themselves. They are submissive, they agree to whatever told to them. Bullies take advantage of this and make them do mean things and it is wrong. This needs to be stopped because we don't know what the other person might go through. 

Sometimes people are weak, sensitive, and quiet and to make matters worse, people overpower them, take their advantage just because of fun. Bullying or Ragging is banned. Still, people do not understand the seriousness of the situation. A person who is bullied goes through extreme trauma and self-hatred. Can go into a deep depression. He can take extreme steps sometimes even suicide. 

This is a message to the trolls and the bulliesBe kind to everyone. Support them. People are different and that is beautiful in its own way. People need not be strong always. The difference between people is what makes them unique and that is what defines them. It is a quality of them.

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