Unleashing The Secrets To Master An Art Of Selling


There are no qualms that Selling is one of the most challenging job profiles in today’s competitive world. Majority of the people are either not fond of salespeople or they hate an idea of something being sold to them. There are myriad reasons for which people dislike salespersons. They include:-


•    Salespersons tend to be too pushy.

•    They lack listening skills.

•    They do not care about the problems and only care about sales.

•    They tend to resort to aggressiveness in case if their sales proposal is on the verge of meeting with the rejection.


What are the common replies that salespersons tend to come across while selling? Well, here they are:-


•    I prefer to take sufficient time

•    I would like to consult my partner.

•    I would prefer comparing different products.

•    I don’t prefer being sold to and I prefer to decide for myself.


Customized Selling Approach: - Amid different kinds of buyers who do possess different mindsets, Resorting to common selling practice doesn’t work. An effective salesperson requires thinking out of the box in the context of a variety of customized selling practices to win the confidence of a diverse category of buyers.


Well, the good news is, it is not that difficult as you perceive. However, sadly, at the same time, it is no cakewalk either.


Assertiveness Mixed With Confidence: - Practicing this approach would be indeed an icing on the cake. Assertive salespersons are no less than an asset to an employer as they don’t hesitate in putting forward their opinions. Also, they tend to express their genuine willingness to listen to an opinion of buyers with an open mind. They don’t perceive conflict as their eternal foe. On the contrary, they are eager to present all the solutions that allow conflict to conk out.


Learn To Decode The Responsiveness: - Responsiveness of buyers is yet another factor that put salespersons in dilemma. Few buyers express willingness to seek information. On the other hand, few buyers find it difficult to express their concerns or at times, they express passive attitude.


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