The Ultimate Objection Handling Models: Part I

An objection is indeed a piece of good news. When a buyer objects, it shows that he is trying to come up with his concerns before sales closing. So when a ball is being thrown in a court of a seller, all he needs to do is, handle the objections. However, this is not as easy as it tends to appear to be because a seller requires identifying between false and real objections. The major objections revolve around the aspects related to Feasibility, Price, Value and that is where the role of APAC Model comes in the picture. Let’s figure out what this APAC Model is all about?


APAC stands for -

•    Acknowledge

•    Probe

•    Answer

•    Close

Therefore, it is imperative for a seller to acknowledge objections before handling them. If a seller gets into a denial mode, it turns into a major spoiler. Now, how do you acknowledge objections or objection? Well, all you need to do is be empathetic and resort to sentences like:-


•    Well, this is certainly a point wherein we need to review

•    I see this as a fair point.

•    Let me impart you some more briefing.

•    Let me throw light on the background, etc.


Here at this stage, your major strategy should be agreeing with the viewpoint of buyer sans resorting to argumentative mode. Express seriousness while acknowledging the objections in an extremely genuine manner. You need to learn one major difference between acknowledging and agreeing. Acknowledge does not mean agreeing. It simply means you do care about the concerns of the buyer. Before proceeding with imparting solutions to the objections, it is advisable to understand the question in a proper manner.


Ask for clarification beforehand itself rather than coming up with vague answers. Learn not to pay excessive attention to the objections. Rather deal in an ordinary manner. Look for constructive feedback by ensuring asking that Have I successfully handled your concerns or are there more concerns, you would like to share? Show Curiousness. Last but not least, if you are not able to close the sale, do not hesitate in persuading client to enable you to identify the reasons for not opting for our products. 


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