How to know your passion

We all have been stuck at some point of our time juggling to find what’s our passion?What we really like? What’s our talent?But in the end we always get our ways sorted. You are also in that phase? Don’t know where your life is going?Welcome to the lane and let me tell you it’s all natural for us to feel we are talentless because we have not acknowledged our inner talent yet.With constant pressure to define your strengths and talents in interviews,resume or career options we are left confused of who we really are.But how we realise who we really are?How to channelise our inner strengths to correct paths?


Here we are breaking down points to discover your own universe of interests and career paths associated :

1.Pen down your interest
Let’s start by making a list of what you used to love doing since you were a child? Let’s say colouring! Or cooking or you used to love reading stories. Make a list of all your interest and hobbies. What you mostly do in your past time? It could be social media also! We all know how much we love scrolling past on our phones.

2.Make a list of what you don’t like or hate doing
There is always something that we hate doing and makes us feel anxious or we don’t find the will . What’s something that makes you feel time is stuck? Working through your emails? Accounting your expenses? Start by thinking about daily chores and move towards other aspects.

3.Filter your lists
Once you are done with listing down your interests,start by filtering the both lists each other.Is there something you love doing but not often? Is there something associated with it that you don’t like? Write it down 

4.Make a bucket list 
We all have dreams since we were child from owning the whole house full of barbies,toys to owning a luxury car or travel to spain! Pen down your bucket list of what are your dreams ,what you want to do in coming years

5.Match your interests and dreams
Carefully analyse both your interests and what your dreams. See what are your interests that helps you achieve those dreams? What are the ways from which you could achieve your dreams? Is there something familiar from your interests?

6.Find career options
Once you have filtered you are now left with raw options but are these strengths really career feasible? Look around ,search ,talk to people see what are the career options available. How others found out what they love? Are the career options possible for you take?

7.Career outcomes
We all love somethings but we all know everything can’t be feasible right? Some career options might feel you insufficient and not cater to your needs.Take your time out , go far a walk ,see what options have been successful.

8.Formulate a plan
Finally when you know what you can do or cannot do,start preparing a layout of how you’ll require proper skills,what colleges to go,what trainings to take.

There are numerous personality test available online, you can take those and see what career might be suitable for you.
You can go for career counselling and self help.

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