Impact of Social media in our day to day life

Impact of Social media in our day to day life

When did we last sleep off sipping a cup of coffee and having a book on hand? And when did we last had a great laugh sitting cozy with our cousins or beloved? These questions appear to be superficial, all thanks to social media where every minute details of our life is being uploaded keeping nothing to share in person. The impact is such that we forgot to enjoy the place we visit for holidays as all the while we have this adrenaline rush to get it upload on the wider platform. Imagine sitting in an interview one tries to click a picture with a status “on an interview”, isn’t it too funny?  Social media has been one of the most powerful digital interactions in contemporary times.

It has the ability to let people convey their thoughts through words, which would cater to diverse audition out there. Social media can be defined as a platform consisting of different mediums like Facebook, twitter, Instagram that allow its users to create and share content. Each and everything invented has its pros and cons depending on the use of it by the variety of audiences. Social media has appeared powerful when it comes to sharing of important information for the benefit of the society. like for example it was through social media hundreds of people stranded in Qatar could eventually be traced in 2016. Social media can also help people to enhance their thought process in building a strong opinion on social issues.

Also it is through Facebook one could constantly be in connect with the ones who are living far away from their homes. Not to forget about its negatives as well. Randomly clicking pictures, making them viral and also sharing morphed images has already created huge ruckus in recent times. Here the consent part has suffered deeply. Without getting the true picture and the honesty behind the situation and circumstances people tend to believe whatever is presented in the social media. So it has become very important and necessary to find out ways in which people can differentiate between what is to be shared and what not to believe. Social media as a tool can be a very much help.

Various central department like railways, police and also some of the member of the legislative assembly are in touch with the mass through social media where they keep on updating various information for social interest. As the revolutionary digital mission has engulfed the country as a whole, it is better for the citizens to get aware of its kinds so that they can use them as an impactful medium to mold behavior into positivity and motivate each other for greater equality. Speaking further, social media has been the best thing that happened, gains are just too numerous. Eventually it all depends on the way it is perceived. The youth of the world is often the most excited towards adopting to new technologies for which they are often at the forefront of it. So, for a generation to evolve properly, the tool called social media has to be judiciously used so as to avoid its harmful impacts and present its helpful side.   

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