How to be Happy? 5 Amazing Secrets!

Money, Fame, and Love! These three things are the utmost goal of human beings. But above all of these three, we all want happiness. Happiness forever! Today we will discuss the 5 secrets of happiness.  First of all, note it that 'happiness is the journey, not the destination'. Every time we make a mindset that if we will achieve it we will be happy if we will achieve that we will be happy, but ultimately that happy moment never comes rather than we are just trapping ourselves in chaos and depressions. You have to realize one thing that we would not be happy if we are chased by 'external materials of happiness'.


Don't run towards the external materials of happiness, the reason of happiness should exist from you, should exist from your heart. But how will you do it? 'Gratitude and Hard Work' are the source of happiness. Every time you should be in gratitude from inside. Say thanks to this nature, this life, this world, this universe. Love whatever you have already in your life. Appreciate that. Another thing is always to give your 100% in the task which makes you happy and likes to do or having the interest to do it.


When you'll go to your bed at night you should say to yourself, "Yes, I have given my 100% today and enjoyed the full day".  Secondly, you should choose wisely the right people who should be closed to you because you are the average of 5 people with whom you spend most of your time. Do you know if the people around you having negativity then you will also feel the same negativity? To remove negative people from your life. If they're your closed one then show them the right path but if they don't understand then take negativity in form one ear and let it go from the other. Don't let poisonous people ruin your life.


Don't judge people, if you judge then you are increasing your negativity and insecurity. Don't judge everyone. Be happy with your life and your work. Another thing doesn't compare yourself with others don't feel jealous with other's success because in this world the position of the best always changing in its own axis. For example, once upon a time, Don Bradman was known as the legend of cricket but now Sachin Tendulkar is known as the God of cricket and this is the truth and one day will come that Virat Kohli will break all the records of Sachin Tendulkar. So the position of 'the being best' always keeps changing in its own axis. And this game will never end. So always compare yourself with yourself don't with others.


You should try to be the best version of yourself than yesterday's one of yourself. If you make yourself a better one you are successful.  Thirdly always aim for growth. Whatever you are doing wherever you are always trying to improve yourself. Always dream to do big and do it from the bottom of the heart. Chase the growth and development of yourself. The higher you aim the happier you will be. Fourthly you should fit your body and mind. You should feel confident. You have to follow some fitness routine and eat healthy to keep yourself fit. If you are fit you will be happy. And fifth and lastly, don't feel arrogance because arrogance destroys happiness. Always be humble and down to the earth. How will you do it? Simple, always think that you are not superior to everyone.


You're like everyone. And above all of us, there's a thing who's superior to superiors. We call it God, Allah, Bhagwan or nature or universe or energy or whatever. Always try to understand that there's one energy who controls everything in the universe and it is superior to superiors. And this thought will destroy your arrogance, negativity and develop a sense of gratitude, faith, and positivity. Be happy and be the best version of yourself.

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