Meng Hongwei's Wife Gets Asylum

Meng Hongwei's Wife Gets Asylum. The wife of Meng Hongwei, the former Interpol president jailed in China for what she believes are political reasons that France has saved her life and the lives of their two young boys by granting her asylum request.

The French government office that rules on asylum requests rendered its decision last week, granting her refugee status. The asylum office didn't respond to Associated Press contacts by phone and email, and the French Interior Ministry. Grace Meng told the AP that the guarantee of being able to stay in France, where Meng Hongwei was stationed with Interpol, offers her family greater security while she pursues her struggle to get information from China about her husband's whereabouts and even whether he is still alive. 

"If France hadn't protected me, I would have been killed ages ago," she said. "It's a second life for us, me and my children."

Her last communication with her husband was an emoji of a knife he texted her from China shortly before he disappeared on a trip to Beijing last September. Chinese authorities subsequently announced that Meng Hongwei was in detention, accused of corruption. He was expelled from the ruling Communist Party and from his office as vice minister of public security, a title he retained after his 2016 election to the presidency of Interpol, the international police liaison organization headquartered in Lyon, France.

Chinese prosecutors indicted Meng Hongwei on charges of accepting bribes, accusing him of abusing his positions to "illegally accept cash and property in return for performing favors for others."

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