Homemade lip balm for pink lips


Homemade lip balm for pink lips Ingredients Beetroot Vaseline

Step-1 Takes a beetroot cut into small pieces. credit: third party image reference Grind the beetroot pieces and squeeze the juice. 

Step-2 Take a small bowl to add two tablespoons of Vaseline to it. Then heat the bowl in double boiler method.

Step-3 Double boiler method means to take a container with a glass of water. Heat the water then put the Vaseline bowl on water.

Step-4 Until Vaseline becomes liquid. After that add one tablespoon of beetroot juice to Vaseline liquid. Mix it well. Transfer to airtight container put it in freezer for about 15 minutes. credit: third party image reference Now lip balm is ready.

Step-5 Apply this balm before going to bed leave it overnight your lips will become pink and smooth.

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