Count Your Blessings

Have you ever felt that you have no desire? Our mind is very tricky. If your one desire will be fulfilled it comes up with another desire. Even though if all the desires are fulfilled then also it will search for another. So, we must not focus on materialistic things as they won’t give us true happiness. As a child, we all were fascinated with new toys but after getting it we were no longer happy. So, our mind works in the same way. According to Chanakya, everything you have is your because of your destiny. Many a time, we met unexpected people, situations which changed our life. We don’t know what will happen in the very next hour.


Sometimes we think changes are positive and negative. But the fact is what is destined for you will surely come to you unasked. So, we must do our work towards our desires without taking stress about what we will get out of it. We must count our blessings as our desire is never going to end. It doesn’t mean one should not work but it means to be more grateful for what they have in their life. We don’t know what will happen to us or to our loved ones within a second. It’s better to be grateful than to have regrets. So, Instead of building upon the desires of the mind, we should count our blessings. So, be happy and contented with what we have. Do your work and leave the rest to your destiny. The desire of the mind! Who has got all the cushy things? Everything depends upon destiny Therefore, count your blessings!






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