6 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others


If you are one of those people who in one night get up 'riddled' with mosquito bites, I'm sure that many times you've asked yourself why me? It is not at all strange that, when these small insects have to attack, they prefer more to some people than others.Science says that there is no single reason why some people are more attractive than others for mosquitoes, but that there are many factors that influence. Here are some.


What is unpleasant for many people is not seen in the same way by mosquitoes. These little insects love to sweat and that's why they go to the skin of those people who perspire the most. And yes, also to those who care little for their hygiene. Mosquitoes are not scrupulous


If the final stretch of pregnancy is already tedious for many women, mosquito bites can become a complication. At this time, pregnant women exhale 21% more carbon dioxide than other people, and mosquitoes love this. Body heat The heat is also a motive of attraction for mosquitoes. The higher the temperature of your body, the more you will like it. Blood. Yes, it's true, there are types of blood that mosquitoes like more than others. Specifically, those of type B. While, those of type A are the ones that most detest. 


Mosquitoes may also like alcohol. It has been shown that people who drink the most suffer the most bites. Genetics And in particular, Body odour. For genetic reasons, some people give off an aroma that mosquitoes do not like at all.

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