Things we can’t Control Even if We Try to


We need to accept that we are very different from one another and we see things differently. Everyone has right to air out their opinions. How you see things it’s not the same way the other person is going to see them. You can’t expect people to agree to everything you believe in. Don’t waste time in dragging the other person to your point. Air it out but don’t force people to accept it.


This was here even before you were born and it will still be here. The sun will always be there, the moon, stars, trees, ocean, night, daytime and the list goes on. If they bother then you are going to be bothered all your life. I don’t know what kind of a person will hate nature but we are different. I think we should just be grateful it exist, I don’t know how the world would be without them.

The Past

This is something you have either seen or went through. Most people when asked; they wish they could change something in their past, but we cant. What’s done is done. If you stay in the past, it will consume you and you won’t be able to live in the present. Before you know it the present will also become the past that you will start regretting it all over again.

The Circle of Life.

In everyone’s life as long as you are a living thing, you have stages of life. There is the birth, your time here on earth and death. And in this we have different stages like a child, an adult and then we grow old. This is how life is. We all pass through body changes at a certain stage in life. Be happy in whatever stage you are as it’s a blessing and a privilege that you are alive.


There is always going to be 24 hours, doesn’t matter you are on which part of the world. We all have the same time. It doesn’t wait for anyone neither does it care. To summarize this is whether you are ignore it or notice it; it’s still on motion. When time has passed it doesn’t come back. The clock is ticking. We are all going to be answerable on what we are doing with the time we are given here on earth.

I know it sounds harsh but it is what it is!!

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