Protect Your Mind

Your mind is like a sponge, whatever is kept in, it sucks it. Like how a sponge cannot differentiate between dirty water and clean water, same applied with your mind. It sucks both the negatives and the positives. You should be very careful on what you put in your mind. You should control it to suck only the good and positive things. But in order to do this, you should first create what I call a filter or a guard which will help you to check any thoughts and make a choice of which one should stay and which one should leave. You should learn to guard your mind with whatever external influences you come in contact with.

But how should you create the filter or guard for your mind? How can you consciously beware and check your thoughts?

It is by reconditioning it. It is by practicing, it is by training; because your mind accepts and gets involved in whatever condition is put into, it follows orders. You are in control of it. If you train it to sleep, it will sleep. If you train it to be active, it will be active

Be around people who are positive, who encourage you and who can speak faith to you. I cannot stress how important this is. Don’t be around people who suck the energy out of you, people who remind you of your mistakes and failures, people who do not believe in your dreams, people who discourage you and people who gossip. Run away from them. This is your life, if you need to change your environment or surroundings, Do it!  Look around and see who you are surrounded with. Where are you taking your advices from? Are the relationships you have help you to grow or are they drowning you?

Start talking and encouraging yourself. This I think should be your first practice in your mind protection journey.

One of the greatest author and motivational speaker, Les Brown once stated saying “Sometimes the good things that you will hear about you are the things you say to you”.

 You have to become your own number one booster. Be proud of yourself. Talk faith and courage to yourself.

 It is important to protect your mind because your thoughts become your words; your words become your action; your action become your character and your character become your destiny. So it starts with your thoughts! If the first step is missed the whole process will be in vain. You need to protect your mind if you want your dream to become reality.  As now we are in a century that there is a lot going on and a lot is introduced to us through different ways, it can overwhelm us and before we know it we tend to lose focus. It’s so easy to lose our focus on our goals and dreams if we don’t protect and control our minds.

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