Mistaken Identity: Wrong Lady has been trolled


 The viral video of a lady abusing and slut-shamming other girls because they were wearing short dresses has become the CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY


Everybody has trolled wrong SOMA CHAKRABARTY on facebook. Looks like people are targetting other SOMA CHAKRABARTY in disguise of the woman who passed sexiest comments in the viral video. 


Daughter of that woman has been trolled who slut-shamed some girls in Delhi took into facebook to pen down the problem. PARAMA CHAKRABARTY shared a screenshot of her Mother's profile and a picture of the Delhi woman in a dress (which is said to be photoshopped, no authentic news yet) and She began her post with :


" Peeeeople! This is my MOM! You'll see, in her as well as my profile and the posts shared, that SHE IS MY MOTHER! She may share the same name and surname with the AUNTY JI, but unfortunately not the same person. I have always wondered how to have a BITCH MOM! But alas, i couldn't taste that! Cuz mine is really sweet. She might have opinions but also she is very aware on how to talk to people! And if you really see my Mother's profile she doesn't wear that tacky clothes! Also people! I know what you all are doing. But try to master yourself in the art of stalking first before dming me cuss words about me or my Mother dear.


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