IIT Student Gives Up His High Paying Job


How many of you have started something in college which could potentially change the way the education system works in India?

Meet Divanshu Kumar, a final year Mechanical Engineering student at IIT-Madras, whose non-profit edu-tech startup—Involve Learning Solutions Foundation—is developing future leadership skills and improving learning outcomes of school students using an innovative pedagogy of peer teaching.

Divanshu is from the holy city of Gaya in Bihar, and his vision for the education system first took shape at a school he attended until Class 8.

“I was in a school where there were barely any teachers, and acquiring a decent education was a challenge. For the most part, I didn’t have a clue what was going during my classes. So, in the back of my mind, there was always a desire to fix these things,” he says, speaking to The Better India.

However, the spark which eventually led to the creation of Involve Learning Solutions came when he enlisted with Avanti Fellows, a Chennai-based non-profit started by two IIT alumnus which aims to inculcate the spirit of collaborative learning among school students so that they have the best opportunity to study at India’s top universities.

Here, students from IIT would mentor high-performing, yet underprivileged school children, and help them crack the notoriously difficult IIT-JEE exam

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