How social apps are making us 'antisocial' ?

We humans are social animals . We are build in such a way that we can feel what other is feeling and the feature is known as empathy . From earlier periods humans started communicating in ancient period they used sign language then they made sounds and kept on upgrading .

Being social is serving your connectivity with others but the Apps which are called as 'social apps' are they really making us social ?

The question torns apart the social nature of human .

We feel lack of connection even though we are connected with 1000 of people .


Facebook , whatsapp , Instagram , twitter all these were made to share ourseleve but its bitter truth that it ended giving people - 


• Lack of sleep

• Lack of emotional connection

• License to be hurtful 

• Facilitates laziness

• Dimineshing thoughtfulness 

• Reduces family closeness

The list goes on .....


You may surf it on web , I'm not here to make count on that only instead I'm here to leave a impact to overcome through it .


What if they weren't invented ?


1. We may go out to talk to people .

2. We could be more confident in talking .

3. In free time we could be there with family instead of scrolling stupid feeds .

4. We may have a lot of time for self improvisation instead of poking at other's life .

5. We may had LIFE .


How to overcome its addiction ?


• Discovering something which is good for you like reading , dancing , painting , singing .

• Uninstall it for a few days and realise how good it feels to take a break from it . It may look hard for the 1st day but once you get to know something about yourself , you would love it .

• Do yoga , zumba , gym sessions or something which acquires your physical ability .

• Try not to look at your social accounts just after you wake up , it may dilute your morning consciousness of starting a good day .

• Explore your city , town . Where you haven't been . It may give you thrills to know more about your place .

• Have scheduled routine , mainly using of devices should be fixed into limits .

• Instead of social apps , surf web something mind boosting , look over motivating blogs , new discoveries , anything which you have keen interest on .

• Watch TEDx talk . Enormous inspiring leaders sharing there ideas on it . 



People who are self closed often acknowledge themselves as 'introvert' and comfort their awakard behaviour of not connecting with others . 

Social apps are worthy no doubt but only if you use it right way like : sharing knowledge , being emotive , connecting for good and all stuff which enhances growth .


According to most of researches its almost used for timepass , sharing memes , gaining attention , to insult and a lot of negativity which can be termed as digital voilence .


Social apps have unknowingly given chance to proceed darkness under hidden walls of home .

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