Focus on Self Change

Society has taught us to complain, blame and find fault in others. As humans, it feels good knowing that another person is responsible for what is happening in our lives.

 It’s easy to focus on what is wrong with other people rather than focusing on ourselves.  We find it hard to take responsibility for our actions.

 Nothing and no one can hurt or limit you in this world unless you allow them to. The only person that can hurt you is you. You cannot control other peoples’ actions and words towards you. They have every right to their opinions and actions. Nothing will change around you unless you decide to change.

You should accept that everyone has the right to their opinions and people will always have something to say. You cannot control that, it’s a waste of energy and time. Social media have made us to believe in illusions on how our lives are supposed to be, a lot of lies and this steal our focus on what we want to become. There is no rule on how you are supposed to live your life, just follow your heart. As my favorite saying goes “Be you, do you”.

 A person’s opinion should not affect your focus, humans are build up that way. Since everyone is an original we tend to see things in a different way, that is just who we are. We think different, we have different experiences and we have different destinies. It cannot be changed or fixed, all you have to do is to accept the fact and focus on your dreams and your destiny, everything else will fall into place.

Happiness and peace is an inside thing. External factors cannot give you any satisfaction and even if they do it will be temporary. If you make a decision to be happy no matter what, then nothing on the outside can steal it. We were all born free with a gift of joy inside us, but as we get older we put a price tag on our joy.

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