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Common People of Lucknow


Lucknow has gained a new asset, a real helper for today’s society. This unnoticed helper is a light of hope to others and a glance of humanity. It’s a common rickshaw puller who is doing a very uncommon deed. His name is Manoj, a local rickshaw puller who wanders around the tourist spots in Lucknow for daily income. The thing that makes him extraordinary is his deed. Whenever he is free during the day he acts like a traffic police man and regulates the movement of vehicles around the busy routes.


When asked about his life he answered, “ I’m a local of Lucknow and I have been doing this work of rickshaw pulling for last 2-3 years. During the beginning of my working days I noticed that the roads were blocked unnecessarily because of unsystematic vehicle driving. Earlier I use to ignore it but then as time passed I realized that it’s never going to change unless we help ourselves. And so, I bought this whistle of mine and started an initiative to help others. Now, whenever I’m free wherever I am, I regulate the traffic and help in clearing out roads.” Mr. Manoj has been doing this for more than a year and few months.


He is generally seen around Ashiyana road, Bangla Bazar, VIP road, Khazana market, and surrounding areas. He loves helping others and has a hope that one day there will be no need for him to do so as people will manage themselves and follow traffic directions.
People like Mr. Manoj are the reasons why we still believe in humanity. 


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