Love is unpredictable....

Love is unpredictable. I am going to tell you one real story which makes you realize this line. Love is like a volcano, you never know when it is going to be erupt. The story start from the thought of fun but  do fun in life but do not make life a fun.


 Rutu was a quite girl, her life was peaceful. We are the only one enemy of own. She was living in college hostel from the last three months. All friends are not the real ones. She had a friend who made her believe that life without making a boyfriend for fun is boring.


Teens are not mature ones. At that stage what parents talk it seems like a lecture and if friends are spoiling then also it does not bother. In Rutu’s life, first time she step out of the home. She was fragile and unable to recognize people. In this cruel world people wear mask to hide their dirty mind.


Rutu was on Instagram and her fake friend Bhagyshri  know that. Bhagyshri used this to destroy her but in the end it made her life. If you try to harm anyone it seems you harmed them. But karma is bitch it will come back to you.



There was a Omkar named 25 year old boy in Bhagyshri’s village. She made her recognize with him on Instagram.  Bhagyshri  made her feel that your life  is boring, he is the only way to add spice in it. Omkar was the boy who look girls as they are his property. Bhagyshri  was aware of it and made Rutu also.


 In hostels most of the girls are like lost. They can’t focus on anything, always lost in thoughts of home. The girls who are mentally strong, use these girls for fun. Bhagyshri made Rutu conceive that Omkar is bad but good from heart. In the peer pressure Rutu end up doing friend request to Omkar and it all started from their only.


 Omkar is like a hunter   who is always waiting for   someone to trap in his net.  In few minutes only Omkar accepted request and texted 6 messages.  He talked continuously 6 hours to Rutu on texts  and asked her for her mobile number. Rutu was aware about this. She gave number because he is not that boy to viral it. Omkar is animal lover so he adapted some of natures of them. He is fast like a snake bite’s action.  From the  second day only he started to call her ‘darling’.


Bhagyshri was taking updates on how Rutu is wasting her time on Omkar and she was getting immense pleasure by  listening it. Omkar has a simple life rule, enjoy with every single girl .


He asked to Rutu to meet him. She did not refuse her but he only the one who refused. Rutu asked to meet in temple. She said temple is the holy place and best to start anything new, let it be relationship also.



Omkar is the one who has everything, lots of money, big home, property. But this was his dad’s so he was knew it’s   price but unknown about value. Whenever he talked with Rutu he made her realize that how lucky is she because she have him.

 One day as usual Omkar was drunk with his friend. One of his friend texted Rutu from his phone  that I know how you are, Omkar is fond of girl’s so am I, so let us meet. After reading this message Rutu shown this to Bhagyshri and told her that she is not going to talk him from now onwards. But Bhagyshri  now also telling her to talk with him because she did not want to lose her medium of fun.


From that day to next couples of months Omkar tried to get connected with Rutu in every way possible. His friend asked him why are you stuck on same girl ony, this is not your nature? That time the Omkar who make everyone quite was silent. It made him realize that he found peace in Rutu, what he is searching in temporary relations.

Rutu’s simplicity, truthfulness converted him from playboy to a true lover. Love finds it’s way.

Rutu never know she will get someone like Omkar and he is   also not aware that he will get a golden hearted girl. Love finds his way. Omkar get connected with Rutu and begged to give him a chance. This is the happy ending of the story but not for Bhagyshri.

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