Article 15's new song released

Since the day Article 15's trailer has been released the audiences have been liking the issue raised by the movie hence it has generated an excitement in public, specially the youth.


The movie is about the issue of class discrimination and how two Dalit women have been raped by men of upper caste and there haven't been taken action against them solely because they belonged to high caste until Ayushman Khurrana, playing an inspector, walks in.


Now a new song of the movie, Shuru karein kya? has been released. It is an energetic song specially made to arise the youth to stand against the devils in the society. Its rap has been sung by Kaam Bhari, Slow Cheetah, Spit Fire and DeeMC. 


The lead actor of the movie, Ayushman Khurrana has also tweeted the video of the song with the caption, "A song which our society needs right now."



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