What Is Trypophobia ? Know The Details


I Have been an internet junkie for years. On the internet, I have seen lots of weird stuff in its lesser-known corners. But I haven't heard of tropophobia until I have seen a viral picture given below. After that, I have made lots of research stuff on the said picture and came to a conclusion about the Tropophobia.Tropophobia is a state of mind where someone has a fear of holes. Elaborately its a fear of small clustered holes. It's not clinically diagnosed as a phobia. But lots of people might think. There are few viral photos on the internet like the picture of honeycomb, strawberries, larvae or even soap bubbles after looking to these photos one could feel itchy, uncomfortable or anxious.


The science might be inconclusive, but people get a reaction which is real. Some people even get vomit after looking into the photos. There was a photoshopped image which was viral in 2003 where a lotus seed pods are grown on women breast which was photoshopped and it was told that larvae sprouts from the rash. There is very less information about tropophobia . in 2013 it was said that is a disgust rather an irrational fear and maybe an evolutionary response to this kind of patterns which makes our brain thinks of snakes or other poisonous animals. Tropophobia is mainly caused due to the unusual photoshopped image.

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