Microgravity In Space Technology


Microgravity refers to a very small amount of gravity (micro means very small) some times it also called ‘zero-gravity’. Simply microgravity is a condition where objects or people feel weightlessness. In space technology microgravity is a most important concept, it has a very vast application. Before going to space Astronauts have to be well trained to live in a micro-g (microgravity) environment, micro-g also affects the astronaut's health. Microgravity causes a dramatic loss of muscle mass. In microgravity matter also behaves differently, for example, flames are becoming round in a micro-g environment.


People used to think that there is no gravity in space since everything is floating, but a small amount of gravity is everywhere in space. Here a question arises if there is gravity why objects are floating? It is because of free fall, gravity causes all objects to fall at the same rate, the mass of the object does not matter.


Research in the microgravity field: Microgravity research is very important in today's world to explore the universe more efficiently. Organizations like NASA, ISRO are working in this field for more efficient space exploration. Current research in the areas of microgravity science will guide their path as they develop the means to use the moon as a sleeping stone to Mars, especially NASA is leading this field.


Recently scientists found that if they treat spacefaring mice with a particular molecule, the animals not only maintain their muscles, they even bulk up a bit. The treatment also boosted bone density. Which is effective in preventing or treating muscle and bone loss due to the microgravity effect.


To reach the next level of understanding about the microgravity environment we have to conduct experiments for a long period of time. As we know International Space Station (ISS) is being developed as a microgravity research platform, it will help humanity to further explore microgravity effects. Further research in the microgravity field helps humans to build a civilization in planets like Mars.




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