LENSES: Types Of Lenses


There are two main types of lenses, known as convex (or converging) and concave (or diverging). Lenses are used to focus light. Because focusing light is so important, you can find lenses in many places. Perhaps the most common lens that we see are the ones in people's glasses. There is a small lens in each of our eyes. Overall the lens gives us greater control over the focus of our objects and the amount of light that we let through the camera. Different lenses also help us focus on different distances. Some lenses may magnify things at a distance, allowing us to take a photo of something that is quite far away.


For a converging lens, parallel light rays will converge to a point. This is the focal point (F) of the converging lens. A point that is twice the distance from the lens as the focal point is labeled 2F. Although, A camera lens gathers and focuses light onto a camera's film or sensor. Lenses do not change color or shadows; they only concern sharpness and detail. Camera lenses cannot improve any aspect of the picture you take. However, using better lenses will improve image quality. And last but not the least, Why Lenses Are A More Important Purchasing Decision than Camera Bodies. Making the move into a DSLR camera system is an investment, both in money and in results. The result is less focused on the lens and most of the focus on the features and functions of the camera body.





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