Google AI Team's New Achievement in Quantum Computing

Quantum computation is the combination of two great revolutionary branches: Computer science and Quantum physics. Quantum computers are different from classical computers, quantum computers use quantum phenomena such as superposition and quantum entanglement to perform computation. These are more accurate than classical computers.


In 2019 Google announced its quantum computer named Sycamore achieved quantum supremacy. Google said that its quantum computer completed a task in seconds which would have taken many years by the world’s most powerful computers to complete.


Now Google achieved a great achievement in the quantum computation field. They are able to model a chemical reaction pathway. Accurate computational prediction of chemical processes from quantum mechanical laws that govern them is a tool that can unlock new frontiers in chemistry. In their experiment, they used noise-robust variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) to directly simulate a chemical mechanism via a quantum algorithm. The calculation is focused on the Hartree-Fock approximation.


This achievement directs towards the further improvement of the quantum and its application, which would help researchers to find new things more efficiently.




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