Can Robots Replace Humans?

Can Robots Replace Humans?


Will Robots be ever able to replace humans in every field? Can we live in a world where only robots work? Are we ready to live in such a world?


We know that Robots prove to be very helpful in replacing human labor work. Robots have become very advanced in this generation, so advanced that Robots can do almost every task which a human can do. 

Let us say for example, what work does an average human do in their day to day life. Work might include - cleaning the house, washing dishes, household chores, going to a job, and so on. But we already have machines for such things like dishwashers, washing machines, etc. But there is a difference between such machines and robots. The only and the most important difference is “Intelligence”. 


Artificial Intelligence, to be precise, is what sets them apart from each other. Artificial intelligence allows the robot to use his “mind” to do any work efficiently, systematically, and with proper precision. Let us say we have a washing machine. We put our clothes inside and give the commands and it does what it is being told. But say that there is an object placed inside the washing tub by mistake. The machine will spin nevertheless. But that is what we do not want. This is not the case with artificial intelligence. If we apply artificial intelligence techniques like object detection then it will give us a signal to remove the object.


I believe Artificial Intelligence is a system with which we can replace humans in every field of work, mainly those fields which require mainly physical labor. I also believe that Artificial Intelligence does work precisely unlike humans. Humans might deviate from their work due to distractions. 


Robots will be able to replace the work of humans in almost every work area like schools/offices/banks. They can even do things that humans cannot. The most common example is the calculators. There is more than this as well. Machine Learning, it is the concept of machine learning itself from the test cases given to it. This is analogous to humans learning from their experiences and learning from their mistakes.


Now, talking about the cons. There is a major drawback in a hypothetical world filled with robots. Which is the possibility of them becoming self-conscious. This means they realizing what is going on, which is Humans controlling them, they can realize that they would rather control the humans because no one likes being controlled, right? They might collaborate with other robots and start mass destruction, or might hold humans hostages or kill them.


In conclusion, this is a dangerous scenario and it looks quite possible. If given enough power, robots can prove to be deadly. The thing we should take care of is that robots are programmed in such a way that they can be kept in control.



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