Archie the arsonist': Puppy sets living room on fire after using lighter as chew toy

Puppies have a habit of gnawing and chewing on objects like shoes, baseboards, and soft roots to relieve discomfort during teething. In that period, if owners don't provide them with acceptable chewing materials, they will chomp on just about anything. Danielle Danski, the owner of a French Bulldog-Boston terrier mix called Archie, ignored this important detail and ended up paying a heavy price.


The mischevious dog accidentally set Danski's couch and living room on fire after he used a lighter as a chewing toy, causing damages worth thousands of dollars. By doing so, the dog has now earned the title 'Archie the arsonist' on social media. Danske watched the incident in real-time on his CCTV monitor. The video showed Archie jumping on a couch and chewing on an object that appears to be harmless. But after a few seconds, the dog inadvertently sets the couch ablaze as the object he was gnawing on was a BBQ lighter.


The footage of the incident was later shared on social media. It soon went viral, earning Archie the moniker 'Archie the arsonist' Danski alerted the fire department before the fire could spread further. Even though the team arrived at the residence just 3 minutes after Danski made the call, the fire had already caused extensive damage to the room. "The fire completely ravaged the home, causing extensive damage to all of the contents of the room, as well as the walls, cupboard, and air conditioner," Danske told 10 News First.


Melbourne's Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) commander Graeme O' Sullivan said he was completely bemused by the dog's antics. "We've had a few calls in the past where dogs and cats have knocked over candles, incense or oil burners. but this is certainly the first time we've seen a fire caused in this fashion," said Sullivan

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