Annu Awasthi Makes a Thahakedaar Entry in &TV’s "Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari"

Kanpur’s legendary comedian and a fan favourite, Annu Awasthi  will soon be seen in &TV’s Gudiya HumariSabhiPeBhari as himself! With an immense and effortless experience in the comedy genre, Annu will be seen almost after a year’s gap on television. Gudiya (Sarika Bahroliya) has been entertaining viewers consistently and now with Annu’s entry, the comedy quotient will reach a notch higher. Once Annu enters the house, he will annoy every single family member to the fullest. With his mischievous ways he will never run out of money, but will make sure no one is left with any either. Log bhagwankopujtehai, Annu marketing ki puja karta hai. Every conversation that he becomes a part of, is bound to end with a marketing gimmick. In such a scenario, will Gudiya tolerate his chipku nature? How will the family get rid of this nuisance? 


Expressing his zeal on being a part of the show, Annu Awasthi shares, “I am thrilled to be a part of a marvellous show like Gudiya HumariSabhiPeBhari. Being on the sets gives me a homely vibe due to its Kanpuriya background and, the cast is so humble and welcoming. My character is of a stuck-up person who is  a penny-pincher and walks and talks in marketing! Once he enters the Gupta household, it will definitely be a task to get him out of the house. While I am entering the show as myself, my personality doesn’t match with my character’s tips and tricks. My mannerisms will still be the same. I hope my fans and the viewers enjoy my performance on the show as this is my first time on television.

Watch the hilarious episode on &TV’s "Gudiya HumariSabhiPeBhari", Monday to Friday at 9:30PM

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