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B-boy Ayush Takes On 100 Verses Over 100 Days

Mentored by Indian hip-hop heavyweight MC Heam and noted breaker B-boy Vikram, the 14-year-old MC, breaker, and graffiti artist from Dharavi has been breaking bars in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and English, highlighting the scourge of COVID-19 as well as causes for hope during the course of the national lockdown


Mumbai, November 12th, 2020: A breakout, rising talent in India’s thriving hip-hop landscape, Ayush Begar aka B-boy Ayush is no stranger to art. From maneuvering slick moves as a breaker to rendering powerful murals as a graffiti artist at The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) — Asia’s largest school of hip-hop — the 14-year-old has been the pulse of Mumbai’s arts and culture scene for over three years. In the midst of an increasingly fracturing society during the national COVID-19 lockdown, B-boy Ayush decided to tread further into the world of hip-hop, familiarizing himself with the position of an emcee and the role of the mic and lyrics. Just as Dharavi was nearing an unprecedented triumph over the curve of the coronavirus — also known as the Dharavi Model which was praised by the WHO — B-boy Ayush began his 100 verse journey in July 24th. Rising up to the challenge over a period of 100 days, the MC has been dropping powerful, freestyle verses that speak of corruption, peace, healthcare, family, hustle, and more. Now well beyond the centennial mark — the MC just dropped his 108th verse!B-boy Ayush continues to carve a special space in India’s diverse music scene, cementing himself as a hip-hop tour de force to watch out for.


Mentored by TDDP’s instructors, hip-hop heavyweight and MTV Hustle alum MC Heam as well as noted Mumbai breaker B-boy Vikram, B-boy Ayush experimented with a range of words and topics during the 100 days, unveiling hidden corners of the world and society with every spitfire bar. Taking cues from fellow artists at TDDP, the young MC would incorporate their words into his impromptu raps, dropping impactful verses on-the-go. During the 100 day challenge, the MC belted verses in four languages — Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and English — bartering mere hope for words that could actually make a difference. The MC even emphatically declared on day 2 of the verse challenge, Rap meri bhasha aur yehi sanskaar hai (Rap is my language and my creed.)” The rapper’s most special verse arrived on day 52. Dedicated to his late friend Ankush Sarvade aka Anky — who was allegedly mistreated for his injuries following a road accident in late August, after which his body was misplaced and cremated by authorities at Mumbai’s Sion hospital — B-boy Ayush confronted the cost of a broken healthcare system and a society that allows the unprivileged to go unseen in his verse, which highlights the systemic corruption rife during the COVID-19 crisis.


Says B-boy Ayush, I’ve been breathing hip-hop for over three years now. As one of the youngest rappers, breakers, and graffiti artists in Dharavi, I feel a sense of responsibility to represent and reflect my community. If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we’re powerful and resilient and that we can overcome any obstacle. I hope I’ve inspired fellow artists and beginners to write down their verses and take to the mic through the 100 Verse Challenge; to chronicle the world as they see it. Hip-hop, after all, is the breathing history of the world and we, the people, are its most powerful instruments. Let’s embrace harmony and revolution, let’s create change.”


During the 100-day period, B-Boy Ayush even collaborated with TDDP’s beatboxing artists Ecko Bbx and Saravanan Bbx as well as Marathi rapper MC Diwali. Together, they delivered gripping and nuanced bars. The hip-hop artist was also joined by his crew of fellow breakers from TDDP for the challenge, melding elements of hip-hop as they danced and freestyle rapped. If the 100-day period imparted any learning to the young MC, it was that every little brick adds up. Encouraged by his progress and learnings during the challenging artistic pursuit, B-boy Ayush is all set to release his debut track soon. Titled “Meri Maa,” the song is a compelling portrait of sacrifice, power, and love; a heartfelt ode to his mother.


109 days on, B-boy Ayush shows no signs of slowing down. As the 100 Verse Challenge forges ahead, the rapper calls — established artists, emerging beginners, and common folk — to join the movement and let their voice be heard. Follow along on Instagram.


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