EdSanta Education Rolls Out AI Powered E-Learning Platform ‘Elite’


EdSanta Education rolls out its AI-powered e-learning platform ‘Elite’ that’s set to create a paradigm shift in learning


EdSanta Education, known for its easy-to-use learning technology platforms, announced its flagship product, Elite-the world’s #1 platform for curated learning. It is a learning platform that maps over 2000 skills to the user's career path and uses advanced data mapping algorithms to provide curated learning content in a bite-sized format. Even though it was built and introduced during the COVID era, it embodies all the key features the dynamic team envisioned and refined in the other Edsanta products. The brand caters to users in India, the Middle East, and Asian Countries.


Elite works on the premise that learning is not done just through courses. The most effective learning happens when you need to learn to solve a problem at work. Elite does just that. It aids individual empowerment by keeping the learner engaged, motivated & skilled. Elite for workplace aims to future proof of the existing workforce. It empowers today’s busy professional with just in time learning that is both engaging and contextual. Elite for Campus aims to empower students with strategic and effective career guidance that makes them skill ready – job-ready.


Elite’s patent-pending AI engine curates and personalizes daily learning: not just courses, but the latest podcasts from influencers, videos from technology veterans, and blogs from thought leaders. With more than 356,000+ courses, 2.3m+ videos, 1,50,000+ podcasts, and 75,000+ webinars, Elite aims to become the primary source of learning for anybody who wants to learn, grow, and succeed.


Speaking on the launch, Mr. Rohan Krishna, CEO, EdSanta Education said, “The pandemic emphasized the skill gaps in the existing workforce.A plethora of Edtech brands emerged to make the most of the market condition, making the sector highly fragmented. While there are many EdTech brands to choose from, none of them solves the pain points of e-learning; attention span, completion rate, and individual approach. It is alarming that the course completion rate today is 6 among 100 people. This is where Elite comes in; our smart AI engine guides users to a personalized upskilling and reskilling path.


Apart from Elite, EdSanta has successfully launched several learning and skilling solutions like Get me A Course, Get me a Guru, Get me Employed, and AdSmart. With Elite, EdSanta completes the lifecycle of an Individual from learning- employment- mentorship.



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