Blum India Appoints Nadeem Patni As The new Managing Director

Blum India appoints Nadeem Patni as the new Managing Director & introduces some cutting-edge tech and products to the Indian subcontinent


Blum, one of the world's leading manufacturers of furniture fittings from Austria, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nadeem Patni as the Managing Director of Blum India. In his new role, Nadeem will be managing business operations for Blum across South Asia including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. He comes with over 16 years of professional experience who joined Blum when it was a mere liaison office in India and has seen the inception of Blum India as a wholly-owned subsidiary in2017. He says, “India is a multi-faceted, complex country with challenging markets that presents some interesting opportunities where our decades of experience come into play.”


Nadeem is keenly customer-centric in his overall business approach and has built a strong connection with business clients throughout his career at Blum. His experience in training and quality has helped him drive many educative dialogues with clients about the importance of top-quality fittings in furniture. This has increased the acceptance of quality products, enhancing awareness of the Blum brand among the Indian and South Asian markets.


Mumbai Showroom featuring the EXPLORER® Suit

Keeping innovation and practicality at its core, Blum introduced the AGE EXPLORER® suit in their newly launched 2500 sq. ft. showroom in Mumbai. The AGE EXPLORER® allows people to feel what it would be like to have physical limitations in old age making it a vital tool to test products for the long haul. This is where theAGE EXPLORER® suit comes into play–The components of the suite simulate typical physical limitations that can occur in old age.


A kitchen lasts for about 20 years on average, making it essential to think about user convenience in the long-term at the planning stage itself. By simulating practical situations – such as cooking, opening, and closing cabinets, tidying up – we gain important insights that can be incorporated into the development of new products. This ensures that kitchen buyers of all ages will enjoy using their new kitchens for many years to come. The age simulator suit is used by various industries, e.g. automobile industry, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and retailers to define the features of sustainable products.


Award-winning Products

On to the products spectrum of Blum, to cater to the need of the growing Indian markets, the brand has introduced some of their award-winning products like AVENTOS HK top, SPACE STEP, Onyx Black Hinges, and more. The products have gained massive global recognition over the years by winning prestigious awards like Germany’s RedDot Design Award and iF Gold Award, amongst others, for their minimalist designs and practicality.

Each product is crafted keeping in mind simplicity and dynamic space utilization. For example, AVENTOS HK top is an innovative lift mechanism by Blum that brings premium quality motion to wall cabinets with ease, blending discreetly into tall units and wall cabinets, putting the focus firmly on furniture design. Moreover, SPACE STEP, another novel product, offers extra storage space in plinths and allows easy access to top cabinets.


Global Figures

Thanks to a good start to the 2019/2020 business year, fittings manufacturer Blum recorded 1,906.92 million euros in group turnover at year-end. This is broadly the same as the previous year amounting to an increase of 14.9 million or +0.8%. Blum achieved 97% of this turnover mainly through exports of which 44% was generated in the EU while 15% came from the USA. Blum has continued to grow and develop its international operations and now has 32 subsidiaries and representative offices worldwide.


Although the business year got off to a good start, the coronavirus impacted international markets from April onwards and led to substantial decreases in turnover for Blum. However, the global brand was able to provide reliable services to customers in over 120 countries throughout the crisis. Through this pandemic situation and its impact on the global economy, Blum shall continue to focus on developing markets like India, building close relations with customers, and driving ongoing innovation in the field of products and services.




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