Third Time Repolling In Arunachal Pradesh

Repolling will be held in two booths in Arunachal Pradesh on May 21 because of too many complaints of electoral malpractices at the polling booth. The repolling will be held in one booth in Koloriang constituency of Kurung Kumey district and one booth in Tali seat of Kra Daadi district, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Liken Koyu said in a notification.


When the complaints arised, the Election Commission had deputed a four-member team who met the candidates of violence-hit Tali and Palin assembly constituencies in Kra Daadi district and Koloriang assembly constituency in Kurung Kumey district. Tali, Palin and Koloriang assembly constituencies faced violence, including assault of polling officials, fall of bridges and planting of explosives at a helipad during the re-polling held on April 20 and 27.


A supporter of the NPP in Koloriang was also shot dead on April 26. The decision of repolling was taken with recommendation by the team of the poll panel on May 14. Polling will be held from 6 am to 2 pm, the notification said. Repolling has already been held in 18 booths in Arunachal Pradesh on April 20 and 27, including this two polling stations. We hope this time everything take place quietly.

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