Sonia Gandhi comes out against BJP in her first post poll rally.


Sonia Gandhi comes out strong against BJP at her first poll rally, saying ''Limits of dignity crossed''.
Sonia Gandhi chief of the congress held a rally in her all time region, which she again won Raebareli. But her son lost Amethi to BJP's Smriti Irani, which was his all time region.
Ms. Gandhi came out strongly against BJP and accused the ruling party for ''crossing limits of dignity''. She said that the ruling party did not  conduct the election fairly in order to win the second consecutive  tenure of their rule.
This rally was her first rally after the announcement of the result for this general election. She was not the only putting forth such accusations on BJP. United Progressive Alliance UPA' chairperson was seen saying similar things. He was seen saying that ''many types of doubt'', through the entire process of these elections.
"I feel this is the greatest misfortune that limits of dignity are crossed to retain the power," Sonia Gandhi added, also raising questions over the fairness of the electoral process, "In the past few years, many types of doubts have emerged regarding our electoral process."
BJP under the lead of Narendra Modi also the nation's current  Prime Minister won 303 seats on it's own, and with its alliances - NDA it scored a total of 352. The opposition, Congress was only able to secure 52 seats, and was wiped out of 18 states and union territory.
BJP was also questioned during their campaigns as some of them were off the chart. The party used Indian Army as their token after the Palwama terror attack and Balakot air strikes. Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP stated Indian Army as ''Modiji ki Sena'' Modi's army against their opposition.
To which when appealed to the EC, they were given a clean chit with a number of 6 out of 6 polls. The opposition hence called  it ''Divisire''.
In her rally Ms. Gandhi was most probably pointed towards the tampering of the EVMs. Which was predicted long ago, and the  parties were keeping regular rounds on the EVM storage rooms.
''All types of tactics were adopted to woo voters. Everyone in this country knows whether it was moral or immoral of whatever happened in the elections,"
She was accompanied by her daughter,general secretary, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who took action and called out the members who led down the party according to her.


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