Elon Musk,Tesla CEO has ticking-time-bomb warning for everyone


CEO suggests a "population bomb" that would lead to collapse in the human population in coming decades and the effects will be seen by everyone till 2050.


Elon Musk’s prediction was triggered by a tweet from a web page identified as World of Engineering that stated:“1950 (historic) planet population – two,556,000,053. Present planet inhabitants – 7,712,343,478. 2050 (projected) planet inhabitants – 9,346,399,468.”The great CEO also shared a Wikipedia-link to an article title, "Projection of inhabitants development".


Replying to that tweet on Friday Musk said that : “Actual problem will be an ageing and declining the world population by 2050, *not* overpopulation." He further addtionally wrote that "Yea of course the demographics, stratified by age, will appear like an upside down pyramid with lots of aged persons and fewer youthful,” the multi-billionaire entrepreneur.

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