P.V.Sindhu - an iconic sportperson



P.V.Sindhu is an iconic sportsperson and has created a niche for herself all over the world. She is the first Indian to win the world championship. 
Right from the beginning, she was very focused and will always continue to do the same. PV Sindhu will make India proud and should encourage youngsters to do the same. It is an example for all youngsters not to lose hope. 

We need to focus and forget the outside world to win and become a champion. PV. Sindhu quotes, "Anything is possible with lining" has inspired us to do anything and have multi-skill. Many people have talent like her but don't know the right technique. It is the faith and confidence which will help us win anything. In today's generation digital is becoming more in use. Digital will merge sport and in a future generation, all athletics will play digitally and people will see in glass-like real athletics playing in stadiums. It will happen in 2030. 

I am sure today's athletes will change the face of the world and lead them higher and India will become top techy of 2020 if all the athletes change the sport in digital level and people will surely hang on digital and see the celebrity digitally and enjoy. Techy is one of the traits of many athletic because they don't know how to use and media will surely fall in love with techy. 


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