Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg's Date Nights Include Crying Over The Bachelorette

Jenny McCarthy a mother of a 17 year old, an anti-vaccine activist, a model, an actor and a free world from autism activist and a woman with a bunch of other projects in her hands likes to dough out her quality time with her husband by indulging in her guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, and reveals that her husband Donnie Wahlberg even cries over it. “I cant wait! Im excited! I think Hanna B. is going to do a great job”, McCarthy, 46, told Us Weekly in the latest interview. McCarthy totally seems to be rooting for Hannah B's quest for love as she says “I love how she defended herself. It feels like shes supposed to be the The Bachelorette. I know some people were iffy, but ive totally committed.


I hope she finds love!” But its not only her who gushes about the show and talks how emotionally invested she is in it, she revealed how her husband Donnie Wahlberg has mutual feelings if not even more exaggerated emotional investment into the show. “I dont care if its the finale or not Donnie cries! Its episode 3 and hes crying and im like, 'Donnie you cant be crying already!' But i love it, that shows you his emotional side and he’s like the real deep feeler and im like the, 'tought it out kid, tough it out' one”, McCarthy was quoted as saying by Us Weekly. McCarthy also reveals that even though sharing quality time while watching the television is their magnum opus they also try to plan out dinner dates at least once a week and “you know do those other fun things at home” The Jenny McCarthy Show’s host doesnt only seem to love The Bachelorette but is a fan of any dating show, she recently tweeted ; “Nothing makes me happier than dating competition shows. So excited FOX is premiering #ParadiseHotel hosted by @KristinCav, LIVE TONIGHT at 8/7c “

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