“Dead To Me” Star James Marsden On How He Believes He’s Good At Playing The Bad-Guy


The new Netflix series Dead To Me seems to have pegged a lot of people’s interest. This dark comedy released earlier this month stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. The show revolves arounds a cryptic friendship between Judy (Cardellini) and Jen (Applegate). This friendship blossoms under the most unlikely circumstances at a grief counselling group not long after the hit-and-run death of Jen’s husband, Ted. Marsden plays Judy's narcissistic, manipulative, money laundering ex-fiance Steve.


The 45 year old Westworld actor told The Times how he decided to bag the role - “I thought the tone of the show was fresh. It was a half-hour comedy but it was really heavy and dark, which is to me my favourite source of comedy. So it was all of those things.” Talking about his character Steve, Marsden said how he was drawn to the character’s “sense of d****ebaggery that was kind of fun to play.” And James sure does seem to finesse the role. The “27 dresses” star has quite notoriously been known for his bad guy role in the romantic flick “The Notebook”.


However, he defended the role by saying how his character Lon wasnt exactly a bad guy. But he seems to get the animus of Steve. When told about how it felt like he easily grew in the skin of Steve, Marsden says that hes never failed to grab an opportunity where he could make fun of people. With Steve’s problematic and unapologetic way of using his charm and demeaning someone, he gets to explore that part of him. He loves the characters complexities and he even says how he tried to add a hint of humanity to Steve while also keeping it comedic. Even though Netflix hasnt released an official statement regarding the return of Dead To Me. Fans do not need to worry because it is most likely it will come back for a season 2

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