Difference between natural and artificial sugar.


Do you eat natural or artificial sugar?

Sugar is used in our daily life, but you must also know what's the difference between artificial sweeteners and natural sugar. Artificial sweeteners are most used in the world, manufactures who prepare sweet foods, have uses 75% of artificial sugar in their products.The sugar which is used in our daily life is a refined sugar, these sugar are extracted from sugar cane but it has been chemically processed and heated at a higher temperature. The chemicals will kill and the nutrients which are present on sugar.


Now the best part of natural sugar is, these sugars are good for health, and low in calories. Natural sugar is present in fruits and honey. To take a step for your healthy life you must use natural sugar.Fruits are the best source of natural sugar, and they also have sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Fruits improve digestion. If you are taking care of your health, try to eat fruits.

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