An Instagram couple Slammed for their risky shot of hanging out of moving train

We all definitely know how crazy people get for gaining likes comment on Instagram and Facebook.  People cross limits and make untiring efforts in order to click attractive and unique pictures and make their feeds look good!


Other than this, another trending feature on Instagram is posting pictures with a complete public display of affection with the partners. Recently, a traveling couple crossed every limit, to risk their lives to click a photogenic picture of hanging out of moving train, and posing a smooch with the partner.


The couple in the picture was seen to be smooching hanging out of a moving train passing through Sri Lanka. Though it had every passion, wildness, and talents of photography, it was also about risking life for the capture. Many did feel, it was life-threatening. This picture looked so dreamy that, people might definitely want to copy these posing threats to their lives too.


This couple is definitely known for their bold moves and pictures while travelling in different countries.


The couple also travels bloggers, Jean, and Camille and run together a travel account over Instagram called @backpackdiariez. This couple in the other pictures are also seen to take bold and beautiful pictures on different buildings and risky places.


People did get influenced, and this was proved when just last week another traveling couple posted a similar but riskier picture at the same train and place. This couple was definitely slammed at in the comment box when people wrote captions like:

‘This is how people die,’

While another wrote: ‘Wouldn’t call this adventure, but stupid, risking life for likes on Instagram.’


‘Another pic of people sacrificing themselves over a picture….ridiculous,’ echoed another.


Some people were wowed by the shot though. One person wrote: ‘Wow, that looks thrilling and totally romantic and wild,’ while another said: ‘amazing capture’. Beautiful picture or not, we wouldn’t advise replicating the image.


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