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Born in Canada raised in India, Entrepreneur Rishiraj Singh Sehgal holds a portfolio that is varied and impressive. A business empire ranging from Hospitality, Life Style, Cyber Security and Luxury Brand, the man is a class part, tackling corporate giants with deep-rooted morals and values.


Rishiraj Singh Sehgal is a modern-day savant in tackling multiple businesses and portfolios with ease and firm grip.

Talking about his passion and dreams, he said, “I am passionate about my work. I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best and achieve my dreams. This passion led me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills that helped me to do better work. I am currently dealing in Hospitality, Cyber Security and Lifestyle sector”


Rishiraj Singh Sehgal owns one of the hottest and happening joints in Bandra, Sardaar Ji, which is jammed packed with commoners, celebrities and politicians, even on weekdays.

Talking about his passion for food and his successful venture in Bandra, Rishiraj said, “Sardaarji is a franchise and I own an outlet in Bandra. It gave me good motivation to learn the QSR concept and grow worldwide. I like food, I love running a restaurant and my multitasking ability and problem-solving skill, comes handy while tackling hustle-bustle of a popular joint”


Apart from Sardaarji, Rishi has also partnered with cybersecurity called Cybernetic digital and a bar called invincible and also ventured a luxury brand called Perola Luxury.

Rishi is a positive personality and few indulgences, with all the luxurious things in his pocket and beast machines in his garage India and Toronto make him the most stylish entrepreneur of our times.

Talking about his belief system and growing up years, Rishiraj said, “I am born in Canada, and family roots are in India, so I was raised in India and overseas. I am born Sikh, I grew up with a lot of values and morals. I like motivating others, inspire them to make their lives better”


“As far as I can remember, I’d always had a passion for entrepreneurship. My first stepping stone was entering into the hospitality sector. I am very enthusiastic about technology, what it has to offer and the drawbacks of it, which led to my second venture, cybersecurity. I like finer things in life, so that led me to venture into the lifestyle brand” added Rishi.


Rishiraj Singh Sehgal is an encouraging entrepreneur and renowned personality who believes in making the path of success at a young age. He is a lively and highly connected in spirituality. Despite his busy schedule, Rishi makes sure that he meditates for 20 minutes or more in a day to have a clear and happy mind state also a meditative mind is at ease because it's not trying to acquire anything.


Rishiraj believes that he is an inspiring person, with his two core beliefs. He said, “I think I am an inspiring person has two core beliefs. My belief in myself and also believe creator almighty. Behind those two beliefs is a lot of hard work. When I speak of my ambitions, it is with great passion, optimism, and enthusiasm.”





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