A Friend | Friendship Day


Friendship is a strong bond between two persons. It is not only between two same-gender or relation. It is in many forms like one brother and sister, husband and wife, mother and child, etc., In every relation, friendship is there. "Someone who helps you when you're in need is a true friend". If the latter, it is "Someone who needs your help becomes especially friendly in order to obtain it." If we have true friends that life is awesome. We can share everything with them.


If we are facing some issues and tell them to our true friend we feel much relaxation. Even they can suggest what we have to do to outcome from that issue. In school, college, office everywhere we need friends to share our happiness, sadness, and everything. On this friendship day please spend time with your true friends.


Only this day will come once in a year. Of course, every day is a friendship day for everyone. But especially god-given this wonderful day to us celebrate with dear friends. Show love to your friends and give respect to your friendship. Never leave your true friends.





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