Gesture of Love Can Change Everything

We all are fighting a battle against the world, situation, or battle within us. How can I know the pain of anyone else if our situations, mental and emotional ability are totally different? But still, we observe people judge each other within a moment of time. It takes just a minute to pass a comment about his / her situation or pain. But do we actually know how much someone is suffering? It may be possible that our one simple gesture of love can make them feel good. Most of the people who are suffering from depression think they don't fit with the world, the feeling sense of loneliness, they think no one can love them. Why anyone will commit suicide if they have people around then in whom they can rely upon, trust, have faith that they will stand with then in all ups and downs.


One simple phone call, message, or any gesture of love can help them during this period. People do feel introvert suffer the most because they are able to open up with people. But the fact is introvert are the most loyal and amazing people it they trust you. If you are having a beautiful bond with them then one can feel the positive vibes. It doesn't matter whether the person is introvert, ambivert, or extrovert, one requires to show their gesture of love to the person and that's enough for them to feel connected with the world. We all are required to change our mindset and to show our love to each other. How someone will know what you feel? How they will know what you feel? How they will know that you do care about them? We all should think about what we can do to make our loved ones realize that we love them and have compassion towards them.





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