120 years old woman keeping Roza


120 years old woman keeping Roza.  Having such a spirit and devotion towards God, 120-year-old Rafeekan is keeping Roza (fasting in Islam) in this holy month of Ramzan. Rafeekan is a resident of Mahuakheraganj village in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. Rafeekan is keeping Roza after all the problems like her age, and age-related illness. Rafeekan, who has 5 sons and 3 daughter, daughters-in-laws, grandsons all salute her commendable spirit of following one's dharma or ritual with so much devotion. Not only her family members who all live together, but even people in her village also lauds her commendable spirit that in this age when people are barely able to perform their daily routine, she is managing to keep Roza and displaying her ultimate devotion towards God.  



120-year-old Rafeekan had passed away almost 2-3 years back but miraculously returned back to life. Her family members say, everyone believed that she was no more and started preparing for her final rites but suddenly she returned back to life. Rafeekan herself believe that she had passed away and said she visited God's home where she was offered food but then she was pushed back to life as her age had not got over.  "Rafeekan starts keeping Roza a week before the month of Ramzan commence and continue a week after Eid ends".



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