Yellow Weather warning: MeT Department issues in Himachal Pradesh

Thunderstorms along with turbulent winds in plains and low and middle of Himachal Pradesh have been forecast by the Shimla Meteorological Department on Wednesday and Thursday.


In the last 24 hours, precipitation started to occur at remote places in Himachal Pradesh.



The MeT department used color based warnings to alert the public on calamitous weather reports.


Yellow out of the amber and red is the least severe weather warnings. It indicates be aware of the possible weather hazardous conditions and plan accordingly.


The MeT department has issued yellow colored based warning to alert the public for any possible severe weather developments potential to cause damage, property destruction, delaying off-road transport or danger to life.


The lowest temperature was recorded 5.5 degrees Celsius at Lahul-Spitit’s administrative centre Keylong and the highest temperature was recorded 41 degrees Celsius in Una (Himachal Pradesh).

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