what a magical turnaround for liverpool fc


Alexander arnold's free kick at the 79th minute sent the football world in the frenzy. it was difficult match for liverpool to win and set their foot in the finals of the champions league as they were already 3 goals behind barcelona. The aggregate score was 3-3, which meant the match would be taken into Extra Time and then into penalties if either of the two teams were unable to put one at the back of the net.

In the 79th minute, Liverpool earned a corner. The Barcelona defence was setting up themselves for the corner, while it looked Arnold was waiting for his teammate at the corner. Instead, the England footballer took a quick low corner straight into the Barcelona box, which went straight to Dannic Origi who was completely unmarked. The Belgian smashed it past Barca goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen.the football, in an interview with BT Sport, said: “I think it was just instinctive. It probably came at him a bit fast but he’s a top player, scored two goals for us tonight and I think it’s one of them where everyone will remember this moment.”

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