Tamil Nadu refuses 20 lakh litre water offered by Kerala, despite of facing water scarcity problem


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on July 20 claimed that Tamil Nadu has rejected an offer of 20 lakh litre of drinking water inspite of facing water scarcity problem.The CM stated that his government had offered to send the drinking water through the train, as the state was facing drought condition but instead of taking the help or accepting water, the CM's office  of Tamil Nadu rejected the offer of 20 lakh litre water.As Tamil Nadu is facing a grave problem of water and therefore the state agreed to provide water via train. When our office people contacted the CM's office of Tamil Nadu a  negative response was seen they wrote " it wasn't necessary " says CM Pinarayi.



Tamil Nadu is currently facing water shortage due to this reason many hotels has been closed ,evben the school and colleges timming are reduced .Construction work and the projects has been stopped in many regions. But despite of so much things happening the CM of Tamil Nadu says that media is creating an illusion of water scarcity and it should stop as soon as possible. He even says I agree lakes are dried in Chennai but various measures are taken to supply the drinking water from Veeranam lake in Cuddalore district.

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