Swiss Bank ready to give out information of its clientele


Swiss bank has finally agreed with sharing the information of its customers with the government.

The Swiss Bank, the safe keeper of allegedly black money has now lowered its walls of secrecy. The institution is famous for giving home to the illegal money, as its policy allow to not to share the financial details to anyone, including the Governments itself. But the winds are now drifting, with the global pressure, the FTA (Federal Tax Administration) has teamed with many countries including India to give out the information of its customers. Now the financial details can be given out to the governmental authorities.

25 Indians have received letters from Swiss Bank, offering them an opportunity to present legal paperwork to stop the change of policy for their account(s), before they give out the intel about their financial details. The letters sent  to individuals or their authorised representatives said that the authority has already shared information with many countries, and now they're counting on India.

In a single day, May 21, 11 notices were sent out. The notices had individuals's full name or credentials, nationality and date of birth. Along with that a bracket of 30 days is given to present their legal paperwork regarding the money, and save  their case against the Indian Government. The two Indians whose names have been mentioned in full are Krishna Bhagwan Ramchand (born in May 1949) and Kalpesh Harshad Kinariwala (born in September 1972). However, no further details have been disclosed about them as well.
The Indian nationals with redacted names include Mrs A S B K (born November 24, 1944), Mr A B K I (born July 9, 1944), Mrs P A S (born November 2, 1983), Mrs R A S (born November 22, 1973), Mr A P S (born November 27, 1944), Mrs A D S (born August 14, 1949), Mr M L A (born May 20, 1935), Mr N M A (born February 21, 1968) and Mr M M A (June 27, 1973).
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