Snake worth Rs 1.6 crore recovered by arresting two men in Jharkhand

 Two men were arrested by Bokaro police on Friday and recovered a rare snake Red Sand Boa whose cost is Rs 1.6 crore.The police said that "We have arrested two men from a hotel  and found a rare snake from their possession worth Rs 1.6 crore."The two men who were arrested have been identified with their name as Sunil Paswan and Md Shahabuddin.


"These type of snakes are mostly found in Maharashtra and are very rarely found. People bring it from there and sell it in the international market, especially China.This snakes are brought and sold in the international market, mainly in China and this goes via Nepal. Officer Surendra Bhagat of a forest says that "There is an international gang which is involved in such smuggling".Further investigation are carried out and the process is undergoing. 


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