Searing Speach by Mahua Moitra, First time TMC MP.

Mahua Moitra:

There is a dangerous fascism rising in India. A first-time Trinamool Congress MP gave a searing speech at the parliament attacking the Modi-led Government.In her speech she enlisted the seven reason which are the early signs of fascism.


1) “There is powerful and continuing nationalism that is spearing into our national fabric. It is a lust to divide, it is not a desire to unite.” She saysIt is Xenophobic” She stressed.Upon her searing speach, Mahua was unabashedly hackled to which she opposed saying “SIr, there is no room for professional hecklers inside the corridors of this great Hall!!”She added “People who lived here for more than 50 years are having to show a piece of paper to prove that they are Indians.” In a country where ministers cannot produce degrees to show that they are graduates from college, you expect dispossessed , poor people to show papers.


2) She brought to attention the continuous Mob attacks on muslims and blamed BJP for the same “There is resounding disdain for Human Rights that is permeating every level of the government.” She says. She adds up about the Mob attacks saying “The lynching of the citizens in the broad day light is being condoned, from Pehlu Khan in Rajasthan last year to Mr. Ansari in Jharkhand yesterday.


3) Mahua objectified the controlling of Mass Media by the ruling party. “Media channels broadcast the propaganda for the ruling party” she says.There is an unimaginable subjugation and controlling of mass media today. Five of the largest media organisations in India are today either indirectly controlled or indirectly debted to one man in the country”. She added, “You talk and namer and kamdars, The congress party has put 36 dynasts since 1999 in the parliament. BJP has put 31!”


4) She talks about how all the achievements by the army are stolen by one man.

“Fear is pervading everywhere. The achievements of the army are usurped in the name of one man. Is this correct? New enemies are being created everyday.”


5) When it comes to religion discrimination she says “With the NRC and the citizen amendment Bill, we are making sure it is only one community that is the target of anti-immigration law.


6) There is complete disdain to for intellectual and arts.” she says. Funding is cut for liberal education. Secondary school textbooks are being manipulated and distorted in order to indoctrinate.”


7) Mahua also emphasised on the amount of expenditures in campaigning and embezzle of the electoral commission.“There is erosion of independence in our electoral system. The election commission is being used to transfer key officials. 60,000 crore were spent on this election. 50% by one party, 27,000 crore.The speech delivered Mahua speared straight into the opposition parties. The video of her speech has become viral since. People all around the country are acknowledging the thoughts put in that speech.

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