Top 9 Interesting Facts About Philippines

1. Volcanoes The country has a number of volcanoes, there are some interesting facts about the Philippines, here they are: Over two hundred volcanoes are present in the Philippines. Mount Pintabu erupted in 1991 on June 15 and created the largest mushroom clouds ever in the world having effects throughout the planet. 10 billion metric tons of magma and 20 million tons of sulphur dioxide were ejected. It surpassed aerosol injection into the atmosphere’s stratosphere compared to the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. The eruption also brought metals and minerals to the surface. The Taal volcano in the Taal Lake is a volcano inside another volcano. Many reckon it is the most active of the world’s volcanoes.


2. King Philip II of Spain Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to have made it to the Philippines. He had served King Charles I of Spain and he went for searching spices in the west. His expedition was the first expedition to sail from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean. Magellan also gave his name to the Magellanic Penguins being the first European to notice them. Ruy Lopez de Villalobos was a Spanish explorer named Philippines in the honor of King Phillip II of Spain. Filipinos from the largest network of Diasporas in the world. They amount to around 11 million people.


3. Text Capital of the World Philippines is called the “text capital of the world.” Reason: On average, every day, about 35 million mobile subscribers in the country send about 450 million short text messages on an average. The United States and Europe together can’t beat this daily text message count.


4. Snakes The Reticulated Python is the world’s longest snake and largest reptile. It is found slithering in the Philippines and nearby areas. These adult snakes grow to 8.7m in length. The Faintly banded sea snake is known for being the most toxic snake in the world. It is found in the Visayas and Panay areas in the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia, Solomon Islands, Gulf of Thailand, and Timor.


5. Karaoke was invented in the Philippines despite the popular belief of it having been invented by the Japanese. It was invented by Roberto Del Rosario and was called “Sing along with the system”.Later, the word karaoke came from Japanese meaning Singing without accompaniment.


6. Tropical Fruits Philippines is the largest producer of coconuts. It also exports tropical fruits to the level of being the largest exporter. In the Philippines, you can find the sweetest mango. The largest pineapple was also harvested from one of the Philippines plantations. These interesting facts about the Philippines related to tropical fruits are really amazing.


7. Christian Nation Philippines is the only Christian nation in all of Asia.


8. Ethnic Background Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American, and other civilizations form the ethnic background of the Philippines.


9. Flag The specialty of the Filipino flag is that it is displayed according to the circumstance around. During times of war, the red side is put on top; whereas when at peace, the blue side is displayed on top.




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