Rosogolla Battle Between Odisha-West Bengal is Over, Bengal Gets to Keep The GI Tag Status

For a long time, there was confusion about the origin of a Rosgolla. However, Odisha-West Bengal's sweet battle over the origin of the delicious rosogolla is over. The Geographical Indications Registry announced on Thursday, that West Bengal gets to retain the Geographical Indications (GI) tag accorded to 'Banglar Rosgolla'.


Earlier, Bengal was given the GI tag for 'Banglar Rosogolla', however, in February 2018, Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sahoo, the chairman of regional development trust in Odisha, filed a rectification petition demanding the cancellation of Bengal's GI registration of the sweet. The registry, however, dismissed the petition on Thursday, October 31 due to delay by Odisha to present evidence in support of its claim, within the stipulated timeline. Advocate Manoj Mukherjee who assisted advocate S Majumdar in representing West Bengal government along with Sayan Roy Chowdhury said: 'They ended up filing the evidence in the end but that was after the stipulated period of three months'.


After both parties concluded their arguments, the GI registry's verdict on October 31 went in favor of West Bengal as it upheld its interlocutory petition and dismissed that of Odisha's. The GI tag was developed to recognize the unique identity connecting different products and places. For a product to get GI tag, it has to have a unique quality, reputation or characteristic which is attributable to its geographic origin.


For the background, In 2017, when West Bengal got its Rosogolla's GI status, the Registry office of India clarified that West Bengal was given GI status for Banglar Rosogolla and Odisha can claim it too if they site the place of origin of their variant along with color, texture, taste, juice content and method of manufacturing. In 2018, Odisha's government applied for GI status for 'Odisha Rasagola' (Odia Rasgulla), which got approved by GI Registry of India and on 29 July 2019 Odisha got its Rasagola's GI status.

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