Railway Ministry: Journey Mumbai to Delhi a 10 hours affair.


Railway Ministry visions to drop the time of rail journey connecting the Financial and the Country capital by five hours. In the coming fours years you can reach from Mumbai to Delhi in 10hours. Similarly, From you can reach to Howrah from Delhi in just 12 hours.


The railways is all set with its new Agendas and target to attract more passengers to use the rail journey with comfort. A set target of increasing the train speeds to 160 Kph to reduce the commute time. Rajdhani, the fastest train at present can touch a speed of 130 Kph.


Accordning to VK Yadav, Railway Board Chairman, in a circular by issue by him states that the enhancement of the infrastructure between these two routes is a must. As they account for a 30% of passengers and 20% of the freight traffic.


This proposal being the top of all the ones, the railways expect to spend around RS 13,500 Crore over the next 4 yeas to reinforce the Railway integrity.Earlier the government had eliminated the unmanned crossing either by introducing Rail over bridges or Rail under bridges or by deploying people after installing gates. Following the same, Railways has an another proposal of which it seeks the approval in the next 100days. Wherein they plan to replace all the 2568 crossing in the Golden Quadrilateral and diagonals with RUBs and ROBs. The funding is expected to be Rs 50,000 Crore, which will be supplied from the centre itself.


Yadav, has instructed all the officials to take immediate actions and close the plans by august 31st. The ministry has also sent the proposals to the PMs office for approvals. In an interview the Yadav also discloses the ministry’s plans to bring the private sector to run Passenger trains in select routes

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